This is what I look like online.

This is what I look like online.

Hello! I am Charles de Lacombe, usually known as Ealhad on the internet. I studied Computer Science at INSA Lyon. I currently live in Lyon (France), working at the Liris lab as an engineer.

I take the Free Software cause very seriously, and I love messing with systems, using and building tools; you can see some results of that on Pic de Ballmer.

I enjoy using various technologies, such as Lisp (mainly Common Lisp, but recent dialects as well), Haskell (functional programming is neat!), Rust (don't even get me started on this one) and well, JavaScript (I can’t explain why, but I like it). And Unix stuff, of course. I’m currently running Arch Linux on my laptop, as well as on this server.

When I’m away from my computer (that is, not coding/reading various stuff/watching movies), I try to learn the guitar. I should do it more, but the internet is too big.